Carbide Compacts


Conical compacts are used in hard formations on hammer & DTH bits and roller cone drill bits. more details.


Chisel compacts are used on DTH bits and roller cone drill bits for soft formations where fast penetration rates are possible and tooth breakage is minimal. more details.


Flat compacts are used to reduce wear on rubbing surfaces found in roller cone drill bits, diamond bits, down-hole stabilizers, and numerous other applications. more details.


This round or ovoid shaped compact is used on hammer & DTH mining bits and roller cone bit for oil well drilling, suitable for very hard formations. more details.


These parabolic, ballistic compacts are used in medium-hard rock formations on both roller cone and DTH bits. more details.


Scoop compacts are used on roller cone drill bits for soft formations where high penetration rates are required. more details.


These compacts are used to prevent rubbing wear on steel surfaces and where it is more economical to drill less precision holes. more details.

Wing Tip

This unique shaped compact has been designed for raised before drilling in mining operations and is used in medium soft formations. more details.