Cutting tool blanks with ultra fine-grain size

Carbide bar for cutting tools

The carbide bar produced by IOT are suitable for making high performance integrated carbide cutting tools, including vertical milling cutters, vertical milling cutter with spherical end, tapered vertical milling cutters, tapered vertical milling cutters with spherical end, reamers and drills, etc. Various precisely developed carbide materials are applicable for both rough and finish machining carbon fibre, light alloy, cast iron, stainless steel, and other high strength steels, etc. The recommended grades are JZ06X, JZ10U, and JZ13U etc. more details.

Integrated carbide hobbing cutter blank

Elaborately manufactured by IOT company, the integrated carbide hobbing cutter blanks are suitable for making hobbing cutters for machining gears of small modules. Compare with hobbing cutters made of high speed steel, service life of carbide hobbing cutters is increased by 8 to 40 times. In addition, surface finish of the product is improved and product precision is consequently improved. JZ13U, JZ10U are recommended grade for use in this category. more details.

Disc cutter blanks

Nearly 100 different sizes of disc cutters can be manufactured by IOT with max .OD of 250mm and min. thickness below 1mm. Precision and quality of the products are at the leading level of the industry. The disc cutters made by our company are mainly used for machining metallic and non-metallic materials including various hardened steels, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium alloy, ceramics, printed circuit board, plastics and mica, etc. Recommended grades are JZ06X, JZ10U and JZ13U, etc. more details.