Carbide parts and hardfacing materials for valves

Nozzles for oil well drilling bits

As the leading manufacturer, the company can supply various types of standard and extended nozzles for tri-cone bits, center nozzles for single cone bits, and threaded nozzles for PDC bits, etc. more details.

Tungsten carbide (WC) hardfacing tubes

Compare with conventional cast WC hardfacing tubes, the cemented WC hardfacing tubes manufactured by IOT have excellent weldability and impact resistance in addition to good wear resistance. The hardfacing tubes can be extensively used for hardfacing on surfaces of parts that tend to endure severe wear, such as cones and heads of steel tooth tri-cone bit for oil well drilling, drilling shoes for work over, and any other parts used in coal, mining, and construction industries. more details.

Integrated carbide valve core and valve seat

IOT is capable of manufacturing various high quality integrated carbide valve cores and valve seats, which are mainly used on throttle valve and needle valve, etc. All parts are in conformance with API standards and feature high strength, excellent sealing effect and erosion resistance. more details.

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