Cemented carbide compacts
Carbide substrate for PDC cutters
Cutting tool blanks with ultra-fine grain size
Carbide parts and hardfacing materials for valves

International Oil Tools, LLC (IOT) has an agreement with the largest Tungsten Carbide manufacturer in China. Our factories have the latest equipment for manufacturing, testing and inspection of tungsten carbide parts. Manufacturing, R&D Lab, Inspection and Testing personnel go through a rigorous training program after they are recruited from the local technical colleges and universities. These factories possess complete sets of advanced equipment for manufacturing and quality assurance, such as ball milling, precision presses, sinter-HIP and HIP furnaces, various physical, chemical and mechanical testing/measuring equipment.

Through continuous scientific research & development and technical innovation, our partnering company has ensured their status as the leader of cemented carbide in China and the world. Main products of the company include carbide compacts for oil well drilling bits, mining bits, hammer bits and PDC bits. Also included are mold blanks, cutting tools, nozzles, tiles as well as non-standard parts for any specific application. Based on the faith of “Win-Win” relationships, our company will strive for honesty and integrity to develop critical tungsten carbide parts to push the technology envelope for today and into the future.