Our Products

-AC/DC electric motors and components.
-Blowout Preventers (BOP’s) annular type U, single and double ram.
-Complete drilling rig packages to 3000hp electric/mechanical drive.
-Rig Components: Top Drives and parts, Rotary tables, Mud Pumps and expendables, Shakers , Desanders, Desliters, Degassers, and centrifuges.
-Well Control Equipment, Christmas trees, Choke/kill Manifolds, Valves and Wellheads. Drilling Rock Bits, Drill Pipe, Casing and Tubulars.
-Wind generation turbines and components.
-High Pressure/Temperature Choke/Kill line hose used for stimulation, injection and perforation operations.

Any other products related to the Oil and Gas industry.

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